Instructions for preparation of the full paper

Step by step:
-Access the author’s area on the congress site
-Click on AUTHOR
-Click on paper
Important, authors who wish to submit their paper for publication in the Journals: Materials Science Forum or Materials Research, should not submit their paper for publication in the Proceedings of the Congress, but should submit only the Abstract.

(Format of Title: All capitals – except formulae, units, and others with Arial font size 12; in bold and centered. DO NOT use ‘high box’ formatting)
(3 single line spacing)
Name of the author(s) (M.N. da Siva)
Name of place where the investigation was carried out (of all the authors)
Complete postal address and e-mail (of only the corresponding author)
(4 single line spacing)


The abstract of the paper should have no more than 150 words, appear as a single paragraph and in italics.
Keywords: materials, congress, instructions (minimum of 3 and maximum 5)


The paper should be written as a WORD document without the use of macros (documents with macros will be automatically returned to the author). The document should not exceed 3 Mb and should be checked for viruses. The page size is A4, with 2.5 cm margins and paragraph offset of 1.0 cm. The font, size and line spacing should be Arial, 12 points and 1.5. The text should not have headers or footers. The paper should not exceed 12 pages and can be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Papers written in Portuguese (Spanish) should have abstracts in Portuguese (Spanish) and in English. Papers written in English need have an abstract in English only. The content of the paper should have the following layout: TITLE / ABSTRACT / Keywords / (main text divided in sections such as: INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS, ACKNOWLEDGEMETS (if any) / REFERENCES / TITLE / ABSTRACT / Key-words (in English).

The section headings should be in capitals and left-justified. The headings should be separated from the text with a single line space above and below. The sub-titles should start with a capital letter, underlined and should start 1.00 cm away from the left margin and separated from the text with just a single space. The references should be indicated sequentially with number within parenthesis and as a superscript (1) in the text.


The equations should be in the center of the page. If the equation does not fit in one line, it can continue on to the next line as long as it is on the same page. Indication of equations should be done in the order in which they appear in the text and with capital letters. The letter should be within parenthesis and right-adjusted. Follow the example below:

                                                                         X + y = z                                                                  (A)

In the text, refer to the equation using capital letters within parenthesis: (A), (B).
At least one line space should be left above and below the equation.

The International System should be used for Units.

The figures should be page adjusted. The figure captions should be positioned below the figures. The figures should be referred to in the text and inserted in an appropriate position, with a single line space above and below it. Do not place all the figures at the end of the text. The figures should be of good quality, could be in colour, but should not take up a lot of memory (recommend use of *,jpg format, as it is more compact). Remember that the whole paper cannot exceed 3 Mb.

The tables should be inserted as close as possible to its citation in the text, and there should be one line space above and below the table. Table numbering should be in Arabic numerals. The table caption should be above the table.
REFERENCES (Formatting suggestions based on ABNT NBR 6013, some examples)
KINGERY, W. D.; BOWEN, H. K.; UHLMANN, D.R. Introduction to ceramics. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1976.

Journal articles:
DEKSNYS, T. P.; MENEZES, R.R.; FAGURY-NETO, E.; KIMINAMI, R.H.G.A. Synthesizing Al2O3/SiC in a microwave oven: a study of process parameters. Ceram. Int., v.33, n.1, p.67-71, 2007.

Articles presented at events:
FERREIRA, L.L.H.C.; BALDO, J.B.; RODRIGUES, J.A.; BERNARDI, L.T.; BRESSIANI, J.C. Refratários do sistema MgO-TiO2-CaO para aplicação em zona de queima de fornos de cimento. In: 51o CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CERÂMICA, Salvador, BA, 2007. Anais... São Paulo, ABC, 2007, p.1-12. Ref. 7-15. Available at Acesso em: 12 de dezembro de 2007.

Dissertations and Thesis:
GHUSSN, L. Síntese e caracterização de vidros niobofosfatos e ferrofosfatos utilizados como meio para imobilização de U3O8 . 2005, 100p. Tese (Doctorate em Tecnologia Nuclear – Materiais) – Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, IPEN-CNEN/SP, São Paulo.

Chapters in books:
RÜHLE, M.; CLAUSSEN, N.; HEUER, A.H. Microstructural studies of Y2O3-containing tetragonal polycrystals (Y-TZP). In: CLAUSSEN, N.; RÜHLE, M.; HEUER, A.H. (Eds.) Advances in ceramics v.12: Science and technology of zirconia II. Columbus, Oh.: The American Ceramic Society, 1984. p.352-370.
(3 single line space)


This instruction for authors presents the final format for submitting technical papers and technical notes to the Editorial Board for publication in the Proceedings. The papers will be published in DVD form by reproduction of the approved manuscript. These instructions should be carefully followed for the final approval of the manuscript.
(3 Single line space)
Keywords: (3 minimum - 5 maximum)