Guidelines for preparing abstracts

To submit abstracts, first click on “Access” on the conference webpage and create an account. After creating your account, access your account with your login and password to submit your abstract.

Guidelines for preparing abstracts

-Each registered author can present up to two papers;
-The abstracts should contain, in a concise manner, the main aspects of the full paper. That is, identification of the problem, specific objectives of the paper, methodology, main results and conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 3000 characters;
-The contents of the abstract will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee to:

  • Accept or not the paper;
  • Classify the paper based on area of interest or of common interests;
  • Define the form of presentation, oral or poster;

-Regarding the criteria for acceptance, minimal requirements are:

  • The title and the content should be sufficiently clear to enable identification of the topic (pay attention to grammatical and spelling errors that could prevent the text from being understood)
  • The paper should be within the scope of the Congress, contribute towards advancing knowledge base in the area of materials or be related to problem solving. (Avoid reporting case studies that are routine or common knowledge for those working in the materials area)

Papers accepted, based on the abstract, can be presented at the Congress even if the complete paper is not submitted.
Abstracts submitted ‘on-line’ ONLY will be considered
-In case you wish to submit a paper and if one or more co-authors are not registered, it is possible to include them later using ‘Edit authors’ in the author’s account webpage.