Areas, topics, subtopics

I Ceramic materials
II Composite materials
III Metallic materials
IV Polymeric materials
V Teaching of materials science and engineering

a Biomaterials
b Blends
c Rubbers and elastomers
d Characterization
e Corrosion
f  Degradation
g Eco-friendly materials and recycling
h Teaching of Materials Science and Engineering at graduate and post-graduate levels.
i Surface phenomena
j Materials of interest in the nuclear field
k Electrical, insulating and magnetic materials
l Electronic and photonic materials
m Materials for use in extreme environments
n Materials for use in civil engineering
o Materials for use in power generation
p Particulate materials
q Textile materials
r Metrology
s Modeling, simulation, software, statistics and design of experiments
t Processing
u Synthesis
v Equipment and technologies

1 Adhesives
2 Application in the areas of medicine and dentistry
3 Characterization of failure and fracture
4 Characterization of surfaces
5 Characterization of electrical, magnetic and optical properties
6 Characterization of structural properties
7 Characterization of physical properties
8 Characterization of mechanical properties
9 Characterization of microstructure
10 Characterization of morphological properties
11 Characterization of chemical properties
12 Characterization of thermal properties
13 Cements and plasters
14 Mechanical forming
15 Aqueous corrosion
16 Non-aqueous corrosion
17 Crystallography
18 Wear and Tribology
19 Fabric Engineering (Organic)
20 Destructive tests
21 Non-destructive tests
22 Fine films
23 Casting, melting and solidification
24 Graduate level teaching
25 Hydrogels
26 Innovation and technology transfer (management and patents)
27 Lubricants
28 Advanced Manufacturing
29 Membranes
30 Powder metallurgy
32 Nanomaterials
33 Postgraduate level teaching
34 Joints - processing
35 Coatings
36 Refractory materials and ceramic coatings
37 Rheology
38 Conventional sintering
39 Non-conventional sintering
40 Welding
41 Manufacturing Techniques
42 Techniques for repairing composite materials
43 Thermal and thermochemical treatments
44 Machining